Porlock Art

♦ Find out about the Porlock Arts Festival.

♦ A Porlock artist + gallery Melody Art.

♦ Oil painting art


♦ Studio & craft centre Wheelhouse.

National Art

An artist open house trail in Brighton

The Dyke Road Arts Trail.

♦ See some current art (paintings, collages, photography, images etc.)

Surreal & Naive style art by


Fun Stuff

♦ Joe, likes drawing and comics! Take a look at Joes first two comics (done at age 7) called BLASTBOY, September and November 2008.

Blast Boy
Blast Boy 2

Historical Art

♦ Take a look what we know about the artist, Ivy Langton from 1900 onwards.

Ivy Langton (dead)

If you run something that you think will be of interest for visitors to The Cleeve let me know.

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