Holiday in a Victorian hunting lodge
sleeping up to 28 people in style.

Booking Details.

♦ Payment.
We will send you information on how to pay when you ask to book, a summary of your options follows. We prefer payments to made via your internet banking (just ask and we can provide the details that you will need). We will accept a cheque drawn on a UK £ Sterling account with an additional two weeks for clearing.

♦ Details.
You can keep it simple and pay everything right away if you like, otherwise read on if you want to find out more.

♦ Payment plan.
A 40% booking deposit reserves your booking. Full payment is not due until 6 weeks before your holiday, (12 weeks for festive season), including a £2500 cautionary deposit, (sometimes more in some other cases - stag/hen/party groups) which will normally be refunded around one week following your departure.

♦ Cancellation.
Overdue payments risk loss of your holiday and money paid unless we obtain a booking for the same amount (but we'll try to remind you in plenty of time). Should some event inside our control result in us being unable to meet your booking, (which has not happened yet), we will provide you with a complete refund of what you paid us for the booking. You should take out holiday insurance as soon as you book, to cover any losses or costs that could arise from cancellation, reguardless of how cancellation is instigated.

♦ Force majeure.
We deem force majeure to include but not be limited to current or future events such as war, terrorism, earthquakes, significant weather (including but not limited to heat, cold, precipitation, electrical and wind), acts of government, acts of service suppliers (e.g. water companies), plagues or epidemics. As already mentioned, you should take out insurance that covers all circumstances where you may incur loss. In the event of a force majeure preventing us honouring your booking, by making a booking with us, you agree that you will move your booking to new dates (that you may choose from all those viable dates, paying any excess where appropriate), if requested by us or accept loss as if you had cancelled your booking. In the unlikely event of a force majeure preventing future bookings you risk loss of your holiday cost so your insurance needs to cover this if you do not want to risk such a loss.

♦ All creatures great and small, we have them all.
You will be taking a holiday in the countryside. Please make yourself aware of what to expect. There may be all sorts of animals (deer, badgers etc.) that wander through our grounds. You may well find yourself privileged to see them. The risks and annoyance that animals bring is probably not much different to a town (with all the foxes, cats and dogs) but we want you to be happy with the way things are. So, expect animals and the things that they bring, carry, drop etc. which might include digging holes, leaving droppings or ticks (largely mitigated simply by covering arms and legs etc.). We feel that you could find these just about anywhere you go but we do like to keep part of our grounds a little more wild because nature needs a hand these days, doesn't it? So, some creature have a little more affinity for The Cleeve. If you don't like that then don't book because we would not offer compensation. By booking you are agreeing that you and every member of your group accepts full responsibility for anything that happens to them as a result of using The Cleeve. Enjoy nature, perhaps read about it before you book, if you're not sure.

♦ Corrections.
Should the price shown be incorrect you will be informed and will have the choice of a full refund or to take the booking at the correct price.

♦ Outside the UK.
Outside the UK email is still easy but if you need to phone, dial ++44 7767 474247. Leave a message if necessary with your telephone number (speak clearly & not too quickly please) and then we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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