Holiday in a Victorian hunting lodge
sleeping up to 28 people in style.


We like to listen to your feedback with a view to improving things at The Cleeve, keeping it a special place to stay.

Here are just some of the changes we have made.

♦ We now use electricity that is generated from 100% renewable sources (wind/solar etc.).

♦ Old commercial dishwasher replaced with semi-commercial one, probably feels like the one you may have at home but faster, (if you want it to be).

♦ We have redecorated the interior, rebuild a wall by the zigzag path, re-done the steps from the drive to the zigzag path and changed the second kitchen sink worktop.

♦ The author, in edition 2 of the ebook "Running Desperado", says that a run from The Cleeve ranks as one of the most beautiful in the world.

♦ We have started putting together some art links for you here.

♦ Some re-decorating and a new TV stand.

♦ Boiler improvements! (Every little helps).

♦ Smart new fence along the house end of the parking area and at the start of the zig zag path.

♦ We replaced the coffee percolator and added a new change over storage cupboard at the bottom of the stairs.

♦ We now have a new cupboard around the lobby area meters! Updated crockery and cutlery inspection introduced (during change overs).

♦ The form over function tea pots have been replaced! The tumble dryer has been replaced.

♦ The wine glasses have been restocked. The change overs now include more of the nice stuff (coffee etc.) and more of the basics (some kitchen roll etc.).

♦ We have replaced a lot of the water pipes and added presurised tanks to make the showers better than ever. We added an additional radiator in the Octagonal Reception room to keep you extra toasty for those not using the huge open fire.

♦ The coffee maker and coffee grinder have been replaced. We improved both the boiler functioning and remote thermostats.

♦ Now there are some more pictures and other nice things! The commercial dishwasher was given an internal make over by the manufacturer.

♦ We replaced some of the maps and added some more board games.

♦ The cutlery has been replaced with what we orginally asked for!


♦ We added more mirrors.

♦ We added some new pictures.

♦ We made the door mechanisms easier to operate!

♦ The Cleeve opened for our first guests.

22nd August 2008.

♦ We removed just about everything in the house, all the old plumbing, some of the walls, some of the electrics, all the old heating system. We also removed a lot of the outside too, new traditional lime rendering, we rebuilt the chimney stacks, some new window frames. Inside we added a second kitchen and two new shower rooms. We added a new condensing boiler for greener heating and hot water. The entire house was redocorated with new bathrooms and great designs every where else. We won't go into all the details, let's just say it took around 16 months!

April 2007 to August 2008.